Our design services offer you the chance to take a new look at the earth your house sits on! Our professional team of expert designers will create a master plan with you that will provide you food self sufficiency, ecologically sound living, energy efficiency, and ecosystem restoration on your property, which leaves you with a professionally designed landscape map that includes written plant suggestions, an earthwork & soil building plan, and proper plant placement so you can DIY the project yourself saving you thousands of dollars on the cost of expensive landscape installations!


What does a Permaculture Food Forest do for my property?
– Creates a beautiful, edible landscape
– Drought-proofs the landscape
– Maximizes rainfall catchment to reduce the need for watering
– Creates balanced natural ecosystems that self-regulate pest and weed concerns 
– Increases soil fertility

– Reduces and often stops erosion and settling issues
– Allows you to start a productive, water-wise, low-maintenance garden
– Reduces your energy use by providing proper shade in alignment with your yards sun exposure, which ultimately lowers your carbon footprint & reduces your energy expenses


Plan includes:

-Property Observation, plus an on site assessment and client interview to explore the needs and desires you have for your property. (This interview and walkthrough takes about 2-3 hours.)

-A professionally & artistically designed Basemap of your property that includes all features described herein

-A written summary of suggestions including specific plant lists with suppliers noted to help build your new Food Forest.

-A Sun Map depicting optimal light and shade movement across your property biannually

-Plan Implementation Priorities (Time table)

-Recommended reading and website links to expand your knowledge on your Food Forest endeavor    -Guided support from our team for up to 1 year after installation so you can feel secure about your investment and ensure your new Food Forest thrives through it's initial first 4 seasons


Upon purchase, a Team Member at Desert Hive Food Forest will reach out to you within 1 business day to schedule your appointment. 


Consultations are done on site. After the initial interview/walkthrough, please allow us 5-7 business days to for our Designers to complete your project.

Food Forest Design Consultation-RESIDENTIAL (under 1 acre)

  • Payable by debit/credit card, or check/cash at the beginning of the visit.



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