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A Non-Profit Permaculture Research Project in the Mohave Desert. 

VISION: To ethically cultivate a fully sustainable desert living environment.


(a) To demonstrate a fully sustainable Permaculture farm in collaboration with the local and broader community and to conduct research and development of sustainable restorative agricultural practices and viable desert water saving techniques;

(b) To conduct courses, workshops, apprenticeships, and internships designed to educate the local community and the general public about sustainable living practices (such as Natural Farming, Permaculture Design, Natural Building, Renewable Energy, and other sustainable desert living practices);

(c) To work with local municipalities in strengthening their civil codes to better foster civilian independence through urban farming practices including beekeeping, backyard chickens, and small farm animals such as goats and rabbits;

(d) To foster civilian independence and build community through agriculture based landscaping practices;

(e) To provide a platform for seed saving and swapping for the community and future generations;

(f) To work with local schools to implement agriculture based programs and classes to educate our future generations on the importance of eco-friendly, water saving, community based restorative agriculture;

(g) To donate full food forests to low income and at risk civilians, educational facilities, and charitable organizations;

(h) To conduct culinary classes, workshops, and events on the practical culinary applications of desert based permaculture gardens.


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Located in

Washington County, Utah, USA

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